Amy Writes Words
Amy Writes Words
A Cheap Audio Experiment

A Cheap Audio Experiment

Amy Writes Words, #21

So, what you have here is a recording of last week’s issue, Amy Writes Words, #20: On Metrics: Part 1 of 3 million.

It occurred to me that some of you may prefer to listen to me read my newsletter to you while you do dishes rather than you yourself having to read the newsletter. So I thought I’d experiment. But I’m lazy and the experiment needed to be very cheap.

(If you can run a cheap experiment, you should. There’s your engineering wisdom for the day.)

This is not good audio quality. I was on my roof and there are a lot of sirens in my neighborhood. I did no post-processing at all. Yes, I’m really that sloppy come the end of October, it’s a miracle I’m shipping newsletters at all right now.

Please reply and let me know if you like this and would like more of it and would prefer it with better sound quality and I will think about investing in better equipment and recording inside the closet rather than on the roof.

That’s all folks. Good enough is good enough.

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Amy Writes Words
Amy Writes Words
Amy Writes Words, the newsletter, only in podcast form so you can listen to it instead of read it. I have not figured out the footnotes situation yet.